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Our Future Rests In Our Heritage

We Promote economic and social
development of Enuani (Nigeria)
indigenes here and at home.

Welcome to the Enuani Association of Georgia, Inc. USA

Ife onye wepu anya, ka ibe me nashia.

English: "If you do not pay attention, there is another who will come along and do it better."

The Association is made up of Enuani indigenes residing in the state of Georgia, USA.

We seek to unify and promote the economic and social development of people here and at home. We accomplish this through initiatives aimed at helping individuals discover and strengthen their capacity to do, and achieve more.

Widows' Enterprise Project

Make A Dramatic Impact

After months of meticulous research and planning, the Enuani Association is thrilled to introduce the Widows’ Enterprise Project. Our mission? To uplift widows who, after losing their beloved husbands, resolutely commit to shaping their own destinies as active contributors to their communities.

The Challenge
When a married man passes away, his widow often faces an uphill battle. Left to fend for herself and her children, she grapples with financial strain and emotional loss. In many communities, this struggle is all too common. While some children may step in to care for their mother, this isn’t always the case.

Our Solution
The Widows’ Enterprise Project steps in to provide temporary support for these resilient women. We believe that every widow deserves a chance to regain her footing and build a brighter future. Through our program, widows receive small, repayable micro-loans to kick-start or expand their own businesses. As they repay these loans from their business proceeds, the funds are recycled to help other widows in need.

How You Can Make a Difference
Your generous donation can transform lives. By contributing to the Widows’ Enterprise Project, you empower widows to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs. Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change within our community. Thank you for your compassion and support.

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Widows' Entrepreneur Project

In Nigeria, where male dominance prevails, one of the significant challenges faced by many communities is the plight of widows. When a married man passes away, his widow is often left to fend for herself. Unfortunately, there is usually no formal “retirement” plan or safety net for these women. They must now navigate the path of self-sufficiency.

While some widows may have children who can step in and provide support, this is not always the case. Often, the children themselves are struggling to make ends meet, especially the younger ones.

The resilience of these widows is commendable. Many of them pick up the pieces and venture out on their own. Some may have even run businesses during their husbands’ lifetimes. Others step into their husbands’ shoes, taking over existing businesses or managing farmland.

Recognizing the importance of supporting these enterprising women, the Enuani Association has launched the Widows’ Entrepreneur Micro-loan Project. This program aims to provide small, repayable loans to empower these women in their entrepreneurial endeavors. The loans enable them to invest in their businesses, generate income, and contribute positively to their families and communities.

Here’s how the program works:

  • Eligible widows receive micro-loans.
  • They utilize the funds to enhance or establish their businesses.
  • As their businesses thrive, they repay the loans.
  • The repaid funds are then reinvested by providing loans to other deserving widows.

It’s essential to emphasize that all recipients undergo a rigorous vetting process, supported by loan guarantors, before receiving a loan. This ensures transparency and accountability.

For the initial launch of the program (2018-2019), we have committed to supporting 12 widows—4 from each of the following communities: Idumuje-Ugboko, Issele-Uku, Ugbody, and Okpanam. Loans for the 2018/2019 period have already been disbursed.

By empowering these resilient women, we believe we can create a positive ripple effect that extends beyond individual lives and strengthens our entire community.

A Small Business Microloan Transforms

  • Enuani Association of Georgia Plants Seeds of Self Reliance and Creativity Through Operation:

    Think & Grow Rich

    Enuani Association of GA has launched an effort to plant seeds of self-reliance and creative endeavor among teachers and students through a program they have named, "Think and Grow Rich".  Its an initiative at local schools located in villages which make up its membership.

    Think & Grow Rich Program

    The association donated 45 books to the various schools' libraries and resource centers. The president, Sunday Ashiedu indicated that "We got the program going this last August. Our hope is that students, teachers and school officials who read the books will be motivated to improve their lives and that of those around them through service to others."

    Ashiedu stated further, "We hired the very experienced and committed educator, Prince Martin Nwoko to be our local representative and insure the books get to the schools as planned and are used for the purpose they are intended".

    The association donated several copies of the book, "Think and Grow Rich", By Napoeon Hill to the secondary (high) schools.

    It also donated copies of the book, "The Lion That Finally Roared" by Obi Chidebelum Eze to the elementary schools.

    Altogether 13 schools serving over 1500 students benefited from this program. The association receives periodic feedback on how the program is progressing and whether its meeting the stated goals.